Thrifty Fashion

Caring for your clothes

Swapping and upcycling

  1. Looking for a creative project? Love Your Clothes have a number of videos to encourage you to give upcycling a go – for example, making a dress from a shirt or a tablet cover from some jeans.
  2. If you have unwanted items in your wardrobe, why not advertise through the York Uni Swap Shop.  If they are not suitable for resale, take them to a British Heart Foundation donation bank – these are located on campus at every college.  Or if you would prefer to donate to Oxfam, you can take your clothes to a local branch of M&S for swhopping.

Smarter shopping

  • Before you go shopping, work out what the gaps are in your wardrobe and decide what you are looking for, so that you do not buy on impulse.
  • Consider buying second-hand or vintage from the many stores in York, or through the York Uni Swap Shop.
  • Learn more about the supply chains, environmental ratings and ethics behind clothing shops at Ethical Consumer.

Get involved

Why not organise a swishing party with friends, or to raise money for charity? Here is a guide to setting up an event.